Karl Herd, Oskarverleihung 2008


The components purchased by us or provided by the customer are equipped, installed, tailored, processed according to standards and thoroughly tested in our company (e.g. according to ESD standards).

The components developed by us are assembled to housings (metal, plastic), PCBs, terminals, complete assemblies, cable sets and special cables. The PCBs and components are provided with a permanent protection against dust and environmental impacts – IP rating up to 65.

We specialize in – and we are certified and approved by the customers for – disassembling high-quality SMT components (processors etc.) from the equipped PCB and positioning them accurately on a new PCB where they are soldered.

At customer’s option, the pressure die castings and die-cast heat sinks produced in our company are provided also partially or fully assembled (equipped with electronic components).


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